Analog Science Fiction and Fact
September 2013
(On sale June 11, 2013)


Murder on the Aldrin Express

Anson Carver, Chief on the Mars Cycler Aldrin, has his hands full keeping the passengers away from his irascible captain, Nick Aames. But when evidence arises of a murder on Mars, Carver and Aames must play detective to piece together the facts of the crime before they reach Earth.

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Analog Science Fiction and Fact
May 2013
(On sale February 11, 2013)


Not Close Enough

Commander Benjamin Cooper is an astronaut with a difficult mission: lead an international team of brilliant, enthusiastic explorers to Mars orbit but not to the surface. They’re to operate robots from orbit, but never to land. Can Bennie keep his team together when their biggest dream lies just outside their viewports?

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Therefore I Am: Digital Science Fiction Volume 2

Therefore I Am:
Digital Science Fiction Volume 2


The Night We Flushed the Old Town

When you’re an Ecological Engineer on the Moon, you get used to the mess, and especially to “that smell”. But one night, Scott Wayne discovers “that smell” is a threat to the city of Tycho Under – and worse, to his favorite bar!

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Heir Apparent: Digital Science Fiction Volume 4

Heir Apparent:
Digital Science Fiction Volume 4

Cover Story:

Father-Daughter Outing

Eliza Wall was the most space-happy young lady on the Moon. She spent all her time studying to become a great explorer. Then on one fateful expedition, she put all of her skills to the test. Can she save herself… and her father?

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The Mother Anthony

(A Finalist in Writers of the Future!)

Bess Anthony is the only teacher on a ship between the stars. When disaster strikes, she must teach her students, the passengers, and even the crew how to survive against long odds.

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Sense of Wonder

Sense of Wonder

There are many kinds of mystery, especially on the Moon!

In “Sense of Wonder”, you can sit down and have a drink with a Lunar rockhound as he tells you his tale: the trials and tribulations and even humiliations he endured just so that he could do tedious, difficult work on Luna. But on the Moon, even an ordinary day of work is extraordinary; and for this Lunar geologist, this day will be the culmination of a lifetime’s dreams.

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The Gruff Variations

The Gruff Variations:
Writing for Charity Anthology, Vol. 1

An anthology to benefit the Children’s Literature Association of Utah and the Future Light Orphanage in Cambodia.

The stories and poetry in this anthology were all inspired by the legend of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. But you won’t just find goats and trolls in here. You’ll also find xenoarchaeologists hunting a legendary burial ground, a harried troll who wants nothing more than peace and quiet, star-traveling cities in search of resources, a cloaked warrior of prophecy, an honest politician, princesses on vacation, interstellar probes, superheroes (and villains), cursed princes, necromancers, fairies, bikers, aliens, violinists… the list goes on.

Contributors to this anthology include New York Times best-selling author Shannon Hale, award-winning children’s picture book author Rick Walton, Hugo Award winner (and Nebula Award nominee) Mary Robinette Kowal, Edgar Award finalist Dene Low, Nebula Award nominees Brad R. Torgersen and Nancy Fulda, and many other authors such as Kristen Landon, Lisa Mangum, Kristyn Crow, Clint Johnson, and Dean Hale. Nebula Award Winner Eric James Stone edited the anthology.


Gruff Riders

When T-Roll picks on Kidd, he finds himself tangling with the smartest young goat in the city; and Kidd isn’t about to let some troll take his bicycle! With help from his skateboarding brother Billy and their motorcycle-riding big brother Gruff, they teach T-Roll a lesson… and maybe learn one for themselves as well!

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All proceeds go to support the Children’s Literature Association of Utah and the Future Light Orphanage in Cambodia.

Awards for Martin’s science fiction…

What the reviewers are saying…

  • “The power of [The Mother Anthony] comes not from its plot or location in the universe, but from the interaction of its characters, and the ideals of a teacher who looks forward, always building for tomorrow. Just as a teacher should.”
  • “Back in the Golden Age of science fiction, stories told uplifting tales of heroism, determination and the wonders of strange, new worlds. Shoemaker’s tale of a schoolteacher shepherding her charges through an interstellar disaster is just such a story.”
  • “A very enjoyable trip we’re carried away on, into a world and characters who it’s a pleasure to meet, beginning to end! THE MOTHER ANTHONYis a darn good story!”
  • “As promised, the story has something for everybody, humor, romance, action, discovery–it’s all there. This is one emerging author to keep an eye on!”
  • “A few stories [in Heir Apparent] stuck out to me as excellent: Father-Daughter Outing by Martin Shoemaker, In the Arms of Lachiga by Alex Kane, and Philosophy by Ronald D. Ferguson to name a few. Thank you Digital Science Fiction for another great collection of stories.”

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